, Movie Friday - 50/50
Movie Friday - 50/50

There’s something to be said about those movies based off of real stories. 50/50 is one of those movies. 50/50 follows the story of Adam, a 27 year old who is diagnosed with a very rare form of spinal cancer. The movie follows his trials and tribulations with his condition and his social life. Indie film of 2011? Quite possibly. Read on to find out more.

As the description implies, 27 year old Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an average middle aged radio worker, is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. His girlfriend Rachel (Bryce Dallas Howard) gave him her word that she would help him. Adam’s luck only gets worst as his best friend and wingman Kyle (Seth Rogen) finds her cheating on Adam with a guy at her art exhibit. Down on his luck, Adam, along with Kyle, makes the best of his situation by going to the bars and just having a great time. To help him along his way Adam meets Katherine (Anna Kendrick), a young Psychiatrist in training who his there to help Adam through this difficult time.

This movie is totally feel good and bad at the same time. There is so much going on in 50/50 that it’s an emotional and powerful ride. The story is oddly predictable, but you let go the sense of disbelief that the world is shitting over Adam. He just got dealt a huge blow in the news department with his cancer diagnosis. He just found out that his long term girlfriend hand been cheating on him, and finally near the end of the film he finds out that his odds of survival to be minimal at best. At the same time the story is crafted in such a way that you always have sense of hope and happiness with Adam. Levitt really brings the positive out in the character.

Speaking of the actors, they all are amazing in the movie. Each and every one of them really bring an aspect of hope to an otherwise sad and emotion filled movie. Extra props go to Seth Rogen who normally does wild stoner movies filled with fart jokes. That is not the case in 50/50 as he pulls off the perfect bro friend who is no less than supportive of Adam throughout the movie. He still has the stoner look and he still does drugs, but all of it is to lighten the mood of the movie and not to fill in any of his stereotype roles. Levitt also is particularly well cast as he plays the role of trying to shrugging it off well. Most people diagnosed with cancer don’t usually have such a good outlook on life.

This is a fantastic movie. The actors with the writing have such a strong impact on the emotional side that it’s totally okay to cry at the end of the movie. Never fear though as it is not a bad ending but still powerful. Go watch this movie.